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Indonesian Delicacy: All Dishes Made of Mutton Mutton with curry gravy of Aceh. (PHOTO:

TIMESPADANG, JAKARTA – In Indonesia, mutton likely becomes more popular than beef. The local community prefer to have this meat rather than beef for it has special taste and flavour. They will turn this mutton into hundreds of different recipes yet will always bring you a local delicacy.

Mutton Curry, Aceh


This Acehnese delicacy is replete with exotic herbs and spices that give it an exquisite flavour, while the coconut milk gives it a smooth, creamy texture. This dish usually serves on a ceremony or party such as Eid Adha, baby shower, or wedding party.

Rabeg, Banten


Rabeg is the way the local community of Banten cook the bones and offal of the goat or lamb to get a richer flavour. They will add local herbs and spices during the cooking such as, tomatoes, salt, ground pepper, palm sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and soy sauce into the broth the make it the taste becomes splendid.

Gorengan Kambing, Betawi-Jakarta


Almost the same with mutton curry of Aceh, Gorengan Kambing were also mad of local herbs and spices added with the savoury taste of coconut milk. Yet the taste will be a little sweeter since they add some soy sauce in to it. it is a common thing to leave the bones and offal of the meat while cooking the dish.

Mutton with Cowpea, South Kalimantan

The local community of South Kalimantan will add some cowpea into the cooking beside all the spices and herbs. The cowpea makes the dish taste richer and more delicious. This dish is such a festive food that served during a ceremony or party.

Balanga, Gorontalo


Balanga is roasted Mutton along with the bone served with spicy gravy. They add some anise seed and cardamom to make the taste tangy. The also added some soy sauce to make the richer.  

Kaledo, Central Sulawesi


Kaledo of central Sulawesi, Indonesia made of mutton feet bone which still has a little meat sticking on it. it will give you a distinctive sensation while slurping the bone and taking out the meat out of it. (*)

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